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Strong Faith Is the Key to a Happier Life

Dr. Rosemarie Downer of Books by Rosemary in Bowie, Maryland, has a great selection of self-help books that helps you understand the meaning of life. She is a Christian author who writes about how igniting your faith in God helps you see your purpose in life. To give you an idea of what her books are about please continue reading.

Homelessness and Its Consequences

Explore in full detail the concept of homelessness and its effect to the psychological state of children. There is a need to define psychological well-being and family functioning to fully understand the contents of the book. Psychological well-being is based on behavioral outcomes and self-concept while family functioning is about parenting dimensions, the environment surrounding the family, and social supports.

Dr. Downer discusses the dynamics of shelter living and the financial costs compared to the psychological costs of children and their families. To highlight that homelessness has negative effects on people, low-income families with homes were observed. She gives strong recommendations for programs that provide comprehensive responses to the needs of homeless families with children. Reading this book is best paired with Building on Strengths - Homeless Parents Parenting Program.

Building on Strengths - Homeless Parents Parenting Program

The Building On Strengths-Homeless Parenting Program (BOS-Homeless Parenting Program) is specifically designed for the education of homeless parents. Most parent education programs are purely informative. These parenting programs solely provide what needs to be learned in order to enhance parenting techniques. In addition to providing necessary information, the BOS-Homeless Parents Parenting Program will prepare the participants to receive and apply the given information. Information is conveyed through group discussions, group activities, audiovisuals, games, role-playing, and homework assignments.

The purpose of the BOS-Homeless Parents Parenting Program is to bring about parenting behavior change in homeless parents by facilitating their understanding of how they learn their parenting techniques, how they can unlearn these techniques and learn new ones, and to build the parents self-confidence and parenting self-efficacy.