Books That Inspire

Strengthening the Foundations of the Christian Community

Dr. Rosemarie Downer of Books by Rosemarie in Bowie, Maryland, writes under the inspiration of God to edify the Body of Christ and make a permanent record of His teachings. Her books are a means of sharing what God has to say to His people. Her deepest desire is that the readers’ lives transform as they lift the words from the pages of each book.

The High Call of Forgiveness

The High Call of Forgiveness exposes the strategy of the enemy that has caught too many of us entrapped in a state of unforgiveness. From the pages of this book, you will learn the schemes of the enemy of your soul. By knowing the mode of operation of your opponent, you will become well-equipped to fight him with intelligence. The High Call of Forgiveness addresses issues such as: the importance of emotional healing, forgiveness God’s way, the costs of unforgiveness, and the blessings of forgiveness.

Rosemarie Downer takes you on an eye-opening and honest journey of self-examination. You will ask yourself and find answers to questions like - What got me here? How can I get let go and move on? How is it that I know what the Word of God say about unforgiveness, yet I find it so difficult to forgive?

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The Self-Scarred Church

In the fullness of times God has anointed individuals to remind His people of who He is and His will for them, so that we can obtain the strength to overcome the pitfalls of stagnancy.

Dr. Downer has identified how the enemy blinds and hinders us from walking in the fullness of His resurrected power. With God-given boldness and courage, she has taken the cover off and released the knowledge that can cause the Church to arise and shine in a greater measure in these last days. Dr. Downer sets forth a tremendous challenge to return to our God in radical obedient faith. Please accept this challenge. God will empower us to take a stand if we allow Him.

Take a deep breath. Pause. Now position yourself for a terrific ride you will not soon forget. This thought-provoking, conscience-jarring book lifts up many mirrors through which leaders and lay-members can see themselves. Without fail, Dr. Downer has exposed a sleeping giant and his gremlins, and has struck a formidable blow leaving its death up to you, the reader.

The Continuum of Care Youth Ministry Handbook

The Continuum of Care Youth Ministry handbook offers a systematic and practical approach to implementing a youth ministry that provides age appropriate programming from childhood through young adulthood. In addition, the model includes benchmarks that can be used to determine the appropriateness of matriculation from children to teen, to young adult, and to adult ministry.